BeautiFill by LipoLife

BeautiFill by LipoLife

The Complete, Plug-and-Play Solution for Liposuction, Skin Tightening and Fat Grafting

Maximum Performance, Maximum Possibilities-LipoLife 3G
LipoLife 3G streamlines the surgical process by offering a complete, all-in-one solution covering all stages of liposuction, skin tightening and fat grafting procedures. It is the first integrated solution of its kind combining multiple modalities in a compact, portable and neatly organized system.
Simultaneous lasing and suctioning simplifies the procedure and significantly reduces treatment time, thermal energy and a unique radial emission fiber allows for effective, homogenous skin tightening, and the collection of high vitality fat permits successful, immediate fat grafting.
LipoLife’s quiet operation and minimum floor-space design gives you the flexibility to perform liposuction procedures in outpatient clinics under local anesthesia, affording increased procedure safety and greater patient appeal. Its compact design also reduces clutter in hospital Operating Room (OR) settings for a more conducive working environment.
LipoLife 3G is the third generation of Alma Laser’s liposuction technology offering maximum safety and proven clinical success. It has become an essential clinical offering provided by doctors and clinics around the world.
• Innovative, Integrated Technologies for Optimal Clinical Results
• Reduced Treatment Time- with Simultaneous Lasing and Suction
• High Fat Vitality for Successful Grafting
• Compact, Portable, All-In-One System
• Enhanced Skin Tightening
• Maximum Patient Safety
• High ROI, Out-patient solution


Maximum Performance, Maximum Possibilities-LipoLife 3G

All areas of the body can be effectively treated with LipoLife 3G. These include areas that are not easily accessible using conventional liposuction such as the chin, face and neck as well as larger areas with extensive fat deposits. In addition, LipoLife 3G simplifies specialized treatments such as fibrous Gynecomastia


LipoLife provides a complete, minimally-invasive solution for:

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State-of-the-art Technology

LipoLife 3G, powered by the 1470 nm diode device and recent innovations by Alma Lasers, brings the cutting-edge in tumescent liposuction including targeted fat removal with minimal bleeding and bruising, less physician exertion and shorter patient recovery time.
The system combines a 1470 nm wavelength which specifically targets fat-water absorption, combined infiltration and suction, an integrated cannula and fiber interface for simultaneous lasing and suction, the unique AngelTM radial emitting fiber for wider and even heat emission and distribution and temperature control capabilities. The results are improved skin tightening, reduced procedure time, high fat viability for successful grafting and superior clinical results.




Skin-Safe Unique AngelTM Emitting Fiber:

LipoLife 3G features the unique AngelTM radial emission fiber integrated into a Mercedes perforated-tip cannula which emits energy in a 360° pattern. Radial emission lasing is a low-power density approach with multiple benefits including minimizing the risk of burns, distributing energy evenly throughout the treatment area, removing fat cells more quickly and covering greater tissue area, allowing for faster treatment speed. The fiber’s radial emission pattern allows for safe, homogenous and more efficient skin tightening during the procedure.


Lipovibe™ vibrating device

The LipoVibe™ device provides vibrational assistance during the liposuction procedure for even further ease and efficiency. LipoVibe™ uses controlled vibrations to facilitate the movement of the cannula, helping break up fatty tissue so that it can be easily suctioned and removed
from the body. Small, precise oscillations allow physicians to target specific areas safely without damaging surrounding tissue. This technique is especially useful for treating areas with dense and fibrous adipose tissue.

LipoTight, LipoLife

Face Tightening LipoTight Cannula:

In addition to the skin tightening benefits of LipoLife’s laser-assisted liposuction procedure, LipoLife 3G also offers a dedicated tightening cannula with a flat multi-use laser fiber, designed exclusively for skin tightening of the face and neck. Laser energy is delivered directly underneath the skin above the hypodermis to treat areas of skin laxity such as nasolabial folds, jowls and neck. The skin tightening cannula may also be used for post-facelift touchups including addressing any asymmetry or loose skin.


LipoSense™ Temperature Control:

LipoLife 3G features a closed loop, temperature-sensing cannula that continuously monitors subdermal temperatures during laser-assisted lipolysis, body contouring and small area procedures. Laser energy is delivered to the tissue until the target temperature is reached, achieving precise, uniform treatment.
Intuitive software allows you to define a maximum temperature limit for the procedure. If subdermal temperature exceeds the limit, the system will automatically stop, preventing thermal tissue damage.
LipoSense™ temperature control enables you to perform precise body contouring with greater efficiency and safer results.

On-the-Spot Fat Grafting- with High Fat Viability:

Autologous fat transfer for soft tissue contouring has become increasingly popular in recent years. The immediate availability of the patient’s own fat, its natural integration into host tissues and its permanent correction potential makes it a highly instrumental application.
LipoLife 3G achieves a fat vitality rate of greater than 95%. The procedure is quick and convenient with a fully equipped kit, allowing you to easily restore patient tissue volume.
With LipoLife’s unique lasing technology, fat cells gently undergo lysis to a semi-liquid state, generating two distinct phases: a significant adipose phase with highly viable, small uniform fat cells and a negligible blood phase, with no oil phase present as with mechanical liposuction. The preservation of fat cells with high vitality combined with a filtering mesh allows for quality fat grafting and successful autologous fat injection, with longer-term results.

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“LipoLife 3G allows us to harvest (retrieve?) high quality, viable fat cells quickly and easily for immediate grafting. Its seamless integration with liposuction procedures makes it a convenient and highly effective solution for successful total body contouring.”

Dr Gerhard Sattler, Dermatologist
Rosenpark Klinik, Darmstadt, Germany


“The new LipoLife system by Alma has been a breakthrough for my clinic’s Liposuction routine.
Simultaneous lasing and suction significantly cuts treatment time and makes performing procedures far less physically demanding. The system is compact while offering all of equipment and accessories we need, saving us space without sacrificing convenience.”

Dr. Alex Levenberg, Plastic Surgeon
Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center

Before & After

Courtesy of Dr. med. Michael Radenhausen, Germany
LipoLife 1470nm

Courtesy of Alma Lasers clinical department

Courtesy of Alma Lasers clinical department

Courtesy of Alma Lasers clinical department

Courtesy of Alma Lasers clinical department

Courtesy of Dr. med. Michael Radenhausen, Germany
"Saggy arms" - LipoLife 1470nm

Courtesy of Dr. med. Michael Radenhausen, Germany
Pseudogynaecomastia treated with LipoLife 1470nm

Courtesy of Dr. med. Michael Radenhausen, Germany
Neck & Jaw treatment with LipoLife 1470nm

Courtesy of Dr. med. Michael Radenhausen, Germany
Neck treatment with LipoLife 1470nm

One week after Mechanical Liposuction Vs. LipoLife
Courtesy of Alma Lasers clinical department

Courtesy of Dr. med. Michael Radenhausen, Germany
Belly treatment with LipoLife 1470nm

Courtesy of Dr. med. Michael Radenhausen, Germany
LipoLife 1470nm

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