Advanced Body Contouring & Skin Rejuvenation Solution


The NEW non-invasive SPADEEP platform utilizes concentrated thermal radiofrequency energy for body & face contouring, skin tightening and skin rejuvenation. This enhanced solution features multiple innovations, including: 2 applicator connectors enabling ultimate flexibility and convenience for practitioners, next-generation
depth control offering 4 levels of tissue depth penetration, a 7″ color screen and intuitive, user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI), various pre-set treatment protocols, ergonomic applicator tips for enhanced results, and more…


Energy usage: UniPolar RF at 40,68 MHz, power to 200 W


UNIBODY (Patented technology):

Combines high energy UniPolar RF technology with a rotative applicator designed for delivering deep heating coupled with mechanical massaging forces. UniBody induces deep tissue heating and vasodilation which increase adipose oxidation and turnover to improve the appearance of cellulite.



A UniPolar RF applicator combined with a rotative massager designed especially for facial treatment.

Alma Beauty Reform Micropeel


Uses UniPolar RF energy to contract collagen fibers within the skin and stimulate the formation of new collagen. This applicator is equipped with an internal thermometer.

Alma Beauty Reform Micropeel


Creates local, superficial dermal heating in delicate areas with real-time monitoring of skin temperature by an internal thermometer.

Alma Beauty Reform Micropeel


Ablates and heats the skin using microplasma technology for skin rejuvenation.


  • 10 years of clinically proven effectiveness
  • Portable system, for maximum mobility and flexibility.
  • Intuitive, user friendly 15.6” color touch screen.
  • Easy to operate, with a quick learning curve.
  • Long-life of disposable applicators, for higher ROI and maximized investment



    • 7-inch color display and intuitive, easy-to-use Graphical User Interface (GUI)
    • Improved cooling system
    • Two applicators can be connected simultaneously to reduce setup time and easily switch between handheld devices during treatment.
    • Pre-set treatment plans, for easy, fast and cost-effective treatments
    • UNILARGE and COAXIPOLAR applicators, equipped with built-in infrared thermometer for temperature monitoring
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