Een groot aanbod aan medische en esthetische behandelingen


A revolutionary medical grade resurfacing technology which clears out pores and hydrates skin.

Body Contouring met Accentuate

De vettransplantatie-ingreep van Alma is snel en eenvoudig en zorgt voor herstel of opbouw van het weefselvolume zonder dat u toxische of kunstmatige fillers hoeft te gebruiken.

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De vettransplantatie-ingreep van Alma is snel en eenvoudig en zorgt voor herstel of opbouw van het weefselvolume zonder dat u toxische of kunstmatige fillers hoeft te gebruiken.


De behandelingen van Alma ter verbetering van de teint en structuur van de huid maken gebruik van licht- en lasertechnologie om de huid gladder te maken en weer in balans te brengen


De licht- en laserbehandelingen van Alma verwijderen vlekjes en pigmentatie met behandelingen…


De vaatbehandelingen van Alma bieden een effectieve oplossing die deze bloedvaten afsluit zodat ze niet meer of minder duidelijk te zien zijn.


De radiofrequentie- en laserbehandelingen van Alma verbeteren de kleur en de huidstructuur die gepaard gaan met striae (zwangerschapsstriemen), zonder pijn of hersteltijd


Accent Prime™ werkt op een netwerk van collageenvezels en heractiveert deze zodat de huid weer haar elasticiteit en vorm herwint


De vettransplantatie-ingreep van Alma is snel en eenvoudig en zorgt voor herstel of opbouw van het weefselvolume zonder dat u toxische of kunstmatige fillers hoeft te gebruiken.


De behandelingen van Alma ter verbetering van de teint en structuur van de huid maken gebruik van licht- en lasertechnologie voor huidherstel. Zo wordt de huid gladder en komt zij beter in evenwicht.


De liposuctiebehandeling van Alma biedt geavanceerde tumescente liposuctietechnieken.

Postmenopauzale atrofische vaginitis

FemiLift revitaliseert de vaginawand, maakt deze weer dikker en herstelt de natuurlijke vochtbalans.

Strakker maken van de vagina

Na verloop van tijd, vooral na een bevalling, kan het vaginale weefsel wat uitgerekt zijn en niet meer strak aanvoelen.

Vaginale droogheid en terugkerende infecties

FemiLift bevordert de lokale respons van het immuunsysteem en helpt chronische vaginale infecties tegen te gaan.

Voor Jou. Voor het leven.

Alma Lasers levert al geruime tijd de meest innovatieve technologieën aan de markt voor esthetiek en we mogen ons rekenen tot een van de marktleiders.

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The ultimate guide for photofacial treatments during summertime

Many people believe that photofacial laser treatments are to be avoided during summertime. If this is wrong or only…

7 Common Hair Removal Mistakes in 2020

Summer is here, which means it’s time to get rid of that pesky body hair. But did you know there are several important do’s and don’ts to laser hair removal?

What Makes Our Skin Look Older?

Getting older is inevitable, but it doesn’t mean that we have to lose our good looks. It’s important to embrace the aging process while taking good care of your skin to keep it healthy.

Finally Comfortable in Their Own Skin

Smooth skin free from stubble and a five o’clock shadow is much more than a cosmetic goal – for many transgender women it’s a vital milestone in their transition, helping them finally feel comfortable in their own skin.

Building your successful laser hair removal clinic with Soprano

Considering opening a new laser hair removal clinic? Where can you learn about the newest technology? how to use social media to attract new patients?

Comparing Soprano Laser Devices

Different routes to the same end result — virtually painless laser hair removal. The above is one of the most frequent questions we get on our social media pages and website contact boxes.

Marlies (37) laat vanwege urineverlies haar vagina laseren

Marlies van Parreren (37) – moeder van een dochter (8) en zoon (2) – heeft last van urineverlies….

Alma on Italian media- Tennis tournament

Browse through Italian media – Alma lasers event on Rome Foro Italico…

Star Parade at Rome International Tennis

Max Gazzè, Lorella Cuccarini, Samantha De Grenet, Costanza Caracciolo and more on Alma’s event.
361 magazine

“ROME Foro Italico” Tennis Tournament 2017

Elena Santerelli, Lorella Cuccarini and Samantha De Grenet among the guests of Alma Laser’s event at the International Tennis Stadium in Rome.
Visto Magazine, Italy

Facebook Webinar

Over 1.79 Billion monthly Active Facebook users.
You should be one of them.
Improve your Facebook skills.
Listen to a webinar by Tal Navaro, digital Marketing Consultant & Speaker

Vaginal Rejuvenation

“I love the hugs and tears of joy from my FemiLift patients who are finally able to enjoy intimacy again”
Carolyn Delucia, M.D. ,Aesthetic Guide magazine March-April 2017

FemiLift workshop in Athens on Shape Beauty magazine

More than 100 gynecologists from Greece and Cyprus attended FemiLift workshop by Dr. Dawid Serafin *, specialized in Cosmetic Gynecology and extensive experience in FemiLift treatment.

Peels vs. Laser Treatments: Two Ways to Rejuvenate Your Skin

Watch the difference between a peel and a laser

FemiLift webinar

Webinar By Dr. G. Willy Davila. MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology. The use of laser therapy for common feminine health concerns.

Dr. Esho recommends Accent Prime, Aesthetics News

Dr Tijion Esho is an award-winning UK cosmetic doctor, renowned for his expertise in aesthetic medicine and an industry leader in the art of non-surgical procedures.

Malaysians celebrities launched Accent Prime

Alma Lasers recently launched the latest cutting-edge addition to Alma Lasers’ family of body contouring products.

Khloe Kardashian says bye bye to her tattoo

Watch Khloe Kardashian saying goodbye to her tattoo at the Beauty Park Medical Spa in Brentwood using ClearLift.

Aesthetic Guide recommends Harmony XL Pro

Harmony XL Pro – The Complete multi-Application Platform for all range of aesthetic needs
At the Aesthetic Guide, December 2016 Edition.

December, 2016

ClearLift & Soprano ICE Platinum
Once again we are the winners of MyFaceMyBody Awards!

Best Anti-Ageing Treatment for ALMA 4D ClearLift™ & Most Innovative Treatment for ALMA Soprano Ice Platinum

December, 2016

Alma Lasers launched Its Third Generation Platform – LipoLife 3G

, the Complete Solution for Liposuction, Skin Tightening & Fat Grafting

WELLNESS New laser treatment promises to address sexual dysfunction and incontinence

Lifestyle Section, InterAksyon · Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Undergo effective treatment for Urinary Incontinence

An interesting article that was published at the Mumbai Times, India. Discuss about the effective treatment for urinary incontinence using FemiLift (November 21th)

Laser for a revamped sex life

It’s not enough that our faces lose elasticity and bounce as we age, maddeningly, so do more personal places. Vaginal laxity…

On the Scene: FemiLift training day, London

UK Distributor, ABC Lasers ran a training workshop for the FemiLift device at Courthouse Clinics,UK.
Published on the, August 2016

Chinese chian “Samun Lisa” experts visit at Alma Lasers HQ

We were honored to host for the 2nd time, 110 beauticians from the leading Chinese beauty chain – Samun Lisa.
It’s been a pleasure. See you next year.

Be your beautiful best

DNA India, May 2016

Alma Surgical to Launch the 2nd Generation FemiLift, the FemiLift Smart

A New Robotic Probe for Advanced Precision and Faster Treatment of Feminine Health Concerns.

Alma Lasers Expands Family of Body Contouring Products

We are thrilled to introduce the next generation body contouring & skin tightening solution with superior results at unprecedented time.

Soprano ICE - the best laser hair removal 2015
El Deseo De Las Mujeres | The Desire Of Women

Femilift interview with Dr. Laura Alfie. on the morning show Banda3 punto 0 in Argentina.

Laser-Assisted Liposuction versus Mechanical Liposuction

Higher Cell Viability and Enhanced Sample Quality Following Laser-Assisted Liposuction

Thailand Femilift Clinic

Dr. Rattinan successfully treated first 10 FemiLift costumers in Thailand.
June 2015

The latest breakthrough in LASER HAIR REMOVAL

Sunday Times, India, May 10th 2015

Dr. Julie Eschenbrenner: She “Hears” Her Patients

Have you ever felt like your doctor was too busy to really listen to you?

Gauahar Khan shares her beauty mantra at Alma launch in Mumbai

For the launch of their new office in India, Alma Lasers has chosen Gauahar Khan to be their ambassador. Gauahar spoke about the convenience of using Alma’s products as well as Indian women’s beauty-related needs.

Alma Lasers Further Expands its APAC Operations; Opens Direct Office in India

Alma is fully committed to its Indian customers and can now offer stronger support with its direct presence. – Soprano ICE Review – Impressive results for laser treatment

ClearLift – Face Lift at Launch Time

ClearLilft Skin Resurfacing – the fractionated skin resurfacing technology for turning back the hands of time without the usual down time.

Femlift at the “The Doctors” Show

The Femlift procedure for SUI in the “The Doctors” (TV Program)
Published on Sep 22, 2014

Advanced Laser Vaginal Tightening in Denver

Renowned Board Certified Urogynecologist, Dr. Oscar A. Aguirre Now Offers patients Non-Surgical laser vaginal tightening… Dr. Oscar A. Aguirre – Aguirre Specialty Care, Colorado_June 2014

Need a lift down there? Now there’s FemiLift

Mature women in need of a “lift” down under don’t have to resort to expensive surgery in order to address minor but recurring problems such as urinary incontinence due to childbirth.

Soprano ICE at the Doctors Show

Soprano ICE in the Doctors Show

Breakthrough Procedure for Vaginal Tightening

Interview at the Fitzwilliam Private Clinic

It’s like going to the gym for your vagina

Mother-of-two says new lunchtime laser lift saved her sex life

Modern Aesthetics, Dr. Candace Thornton Spann

Device Based Interventions for Skin of Colors: New frontiers in Safety and Efficacy

THE Aesthetic Guide September/October 2013

Page 36-37
Improved Cooling Advances, Alma’s Soprano for Hair Removal

ClearLift on The Morning Show

Dr. Corey Torgerson discusses ClearLift from Alma on the The Morning Blend and how to avoid that awful “too much work” kind of look. ClearLift non-ablative skin resurfacing is exclusive to Alma.

ClearLift on Good Day NY

ClearLift, non ablative skin resurfacing from Alma Lasers, featured on Good Day NY.

ClearLift 4D Upgrade Broadens Anti-Aging Treatments

THE Aesthetic Guide March 2013, Page 24

ClearLift on The Morning Blend

Dr. Manjoney talks about the much talked about, non-ablative ClearLift Treatment (formally called Pixel Q-Switch) for fine lines, wrinkles, skin tightening, and collagen building.

Advanced Laser Vaginal Tightening Now Available in Denver CO

Renowned Board Certified Urogynecologist, Dr. Oscar A. Aguirre Now Offers patients Non-Surgical laser vaginal tightening…

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