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Together strong in patient care

Every day, BlooMEDical Benelux staff, partner of Arseus Medical Group, work to give concrete form to a strong commitment: “Driving superior care”. An inspiring mission to help build a better care environment together with healthcare providers.

After all, their focus is on the well-being of the patient. They are constantly striving for solutions that add value for both parties, based on mutual trust and long-term cooperation.


The relationship with our customers is central. Their vision is our starting point. Together we develop efficient solutions that are useful for the patient. Helping our customers to optimize their activities is what makes us proud.

Every day we build a lasting relationship of trust with our colleagues, partners and customers. By reducing our ecological footprint, we ensure a more sustainable society. Because health and the environment have the same perspective: our future.

Transparent, honest and loyal. We keep our promises. Our communication is open and honest. Keeping a promis is self-evident. Both with colleagues, partners and customers.

A world that is constantly changing requires flexibility. Dare to think and act differently. Continuously keep up, respond proactively with innovative solutions and apply them immediately. Because tomorrow starts today.

People and their health in all phases of life, is what inspires and motivates us. General patient welfare drives us. Our job is a passion. Ensuring better and more efficient healthcare, we share this ambition with healthcare providers.

We are pleased to announce that BlooMEDical Benelux BV has been ISO13485: 2016 certified since February 2021.

BlooMEDical Benelux BV is part of the Arseus Medical Group
Arseus Medical Group, top player and reference in Belgium and specialized in the distribution of medical and paramedical products and devices that meet all healthcare needs. The group’s activities are structured around areas of expertise representing the best brands in the world.

6 Areas of expertise

  • Medical
  • Hospital
  • Ophthalmo (From Hopplynus Ophtalm)
  • Elderly
  • Ortho (eXmedical)
  • Aesthetic products (BlooMEDical)

BlooMEDical consists of the persons below. You can contact them by using or contact form or call us at +31 076 524 53 53.

Fernon Wibier

Managing Director

Jeroen Marks

Business Unit Manager Aesthetics

Fiona Overbeek

Accountmanager Laser Division & Clinical Specialist
Fiona Overbeek

Liesbeth Van Lint

Accountmanager Laser Division Belgium

Vivianne Schrauwen

Customer Service Aesthetics
Vivianne Schrauwen

Marion Wansink

Clinical Specialist – Skin Therapist Laser Division

Ester Hus

Clinical Specialist – Skin Therapist Laser Division

Maud Kas

Office & MarCom Manager

Mandy van der Linden

Accountmanager Laser Divisie Nederland

Anouk de Groot

Accountmanager Laser Division

Angela Vujcic

Office Sales Worker
Alma Lasers